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Gracija's birthday [RP for Sam and Alex]

July 4, 2007

As the taxi turns into his neighborhood, Luka can't help but feel nervous. Excited and anxious to get home, but nervous all the same. He knows Sam was angry at him for being "unable" to get a flight from Croatia until the sixth, and though he knows her anger will be forgotten once he shows up two days earlier than expected, he doesn't like the feeling. He's also nervous about seeing his daughter; he hasn't seen the one year old since his family had left Zagreb after their father's day visit and he doesn't know how much she understands of his being gone so long.

As the car approaches their house, Luka turns his wallet in his hands, open to the picture he'd shown the chatty man on the plane; newborn Grace sleeping in his arms. He smiles, traces of nervousness disappearing to make way for anticipation and excitement. It's his daughter's birthday today, and he'd be damned if he missed it, regardless of the white lie he'd told his wife.

The taxi pulls into the driveway and Luka pays the driver before getting out of the car. He has his luggage out of the trunk before the other man can even round the car, and he half jogs up the front walk. He rings the doorbell and waits, unable to keep a grin from his face as he imagines his family's reaction to his surprise.

Mother's Day morning (RP for Sam/Alex)

Luka is up early on Sunday morning, moving around the house quietly, checking on Grace and getting ready before leaving Sam a note saying he'd been called into work but to not get up, he'll be back in time to get her breakfast in bed. He knows she won't care about the small white lie once he does return home. He leaves the note and a fresh bouquet of flowers on her bedside table before exiting the house, closing the door behind him quietly.

He stops for coffee on his way out of town and makes the drive to Alex's school relatively quickly, considering the holiday traffic in the city. He'd managed to secure a day pass for their son, knowing Sam has been missing him even more than usual lately. He arrives at the school and is met by a sleepy but excited Alex, glad to be away from the residential facility for a day. As they drive back to the city, he reminds Alex to keep the noise down once they arrive home, though he is well aware the baby might have already woken Sam.

Arriving at the house, Luka parks in the driveway and turns to Alex, grinning.
Welcome home, buddy. Ready to make some breakfast?

[spoiler warning for tonight's ER]

its over. okay SAm? He won;t both er us agian.

Govno. it"s haed hard to type wiht one handd, aND Im tired.

Deb...Dubec...Dobenk...damn. ABby, ask youre husbadn if he knows a good hAnd surgoen?

ooc: Yes, Luka is a bit drugged on painkillers right now. Poor guy.


Nov. 20th, 2006

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In October I signed my organ donor card (28 points). In January I gave allison_chapman a wet willie, then I took it back (-5 points). In September on a flight to Bangladesh, I stole the emergency flight information card (-40 points). Last week I pushed _lucy_knight in the mud (-17 points). In April I helped dr_maggiedoyle hide a body (-173 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-207 points). For Christmas I deserve a lump of coal!


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Nov. 11th, 2006

So, Ames has decided to appeal the case. Angela says there is no appeal, he can't even get a lawyer to take the case, but even so, he's still hanging around the hospital, meetings and things. He says he wants to move on and this is the farthest from 'moving on' I can think of.

I'm sure he's who Sam saw at the park. It's just not a coincidence, it can't be, she said a black man with a sling...It had to have been him. Buying her a hot dog, admiring Grace...What the hell is he trying to do? I like to think he just happened to be there when she was. But Chicago's...Chicago. A big city. You really don't run into people like that. He had to have followed her there. My god.

If he tries anything...anything at all. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I doubt it. I'm going to be speaking to the cops. I need to be able to protect my family.
Verdict tomorrow.

[locked from Sam and Alex]
I don't know how it's going to go. Ames looked very sympathetic to the jury. They played a goddamned video, for Christ sake. Him and his kids. I don't know why you would use your kids for something like this. If I wanted to sue someone, I sure as hell wouldn't show videos of Grace in a courtroom. It's a ploy. But I'm afraid it worked. It doesn't matter that I didn't do anything wrong. It just matters what the jury thinks and how sorry they feel for him.

If I lose, this follows me for the rest of my career. Wherever I go. And it affects Sam. Alex. Grace.

I know Sam wants me to tell her everything. Let her know how I think tomorrow will go. But I really can't do that. I refuse to burden her with this. If I win, she'll worry for nothing. And if I lose, she'll soon be doing enough worrying as it is.


I've dropped Luka from Elite Muses. Everything related to RP and storylines will remain the same as always, just no prompts from communities anymore.


Since the new season of ER is starting tomorrow (er...later today), I figured I should make a note of my spoiler policy:

I don't have one.

Yes, I am completely spoiled for season 13, as much as I can be at this point. Yes, Luka's journal may, at any time, contain spoilers/speculations/new episode info. Nothing will be cut. If you don't like that, read at your own risk or don't read at all.

Thank you and goodnight.
~the mun